Summit City Ink Sketch Challenge

This week's sketch challenge is the Elephantmen!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artlink's Visual Art Awards

Fort Wayne's Artlink Gallery is sponsoring the 1st Annual AVA Awards. You can vote for a whole mess of talented people for your choice of Outstanding artist in a whole range of categories. I was fortunate to be nominated for an award in the Drawing category. You can vote here.
Hopefully you'll vote for your favorite! To maybe sway your opinion in the leastest, here are a few examples of my work.

Pages from my comic Red Rocket Comics#1 The Elevator of Doom copyright 2010

Some other great nominees and some friends of mine are Nate Utesch and Drew Kora and Jake Sauer in Graphic Design; Eric Tarr in painting; and Clare Christian Tarr in Fabric Design.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

CAAATS! Is Becoming a Webcomic!

That's right! The cats are getting their own official webcomic! Pages are going to be updated every week and while I don't have an official launch date just yet, I can tell you that the site is being worked on as we speak, and I'm loving what I'm seeing. I've got a lot of great comics lined up and can't wait to unleash them on the world (look for them early this year). More details to come soon!