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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Seven years of Webcomic-ing

Today marks the seventh year online for "Bridgette's Belly" For those who might be new to me and and my take on comics, my name is Andrew Fraser. I do a webcomic called Bridgette's Belly. "A Rubenesque comedy about a romantic girl." Bridgette Ouvry struggles with every day life, friends, lovers, motherhood, her waist line, and having her parents arrested on national TV by federal agents and US troops raiding a cave in Afghanistan. Another detail worth mentioning is, Bridgette is a mouse. The house maid that cares for her is Bea, a giraffe, Bea's fiancee is Doug, a cat, Silvia (Bridgette's best freind) is a rabbit, Silvia's Autistic twin brother Georgie is also a rabbit, Cleo is a squirrel, Becca is a platypuss, and I have absolutly NO idea what kind of animal Jessi is (Cat-guinea pig-tiger-girl your guess is as good as mine). As you might have noticed, Yes. I do furry. Why? Ask Chuck Jones who said it's easier to humanize an animal than to humanize a human. So to sum up, Seven years, four kids (three fictional, one real), five books, two convention apperences, 400ish fans, and an animated short film in the works.

Find out why people say: "It's better than it sounds. No, really it is."


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