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This week's sketch challenge is the Elephantmen!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ya know what botha's me, sir?

So it was my turn to choose the subject for this week's sketch challenge. I had an idea for a comic book character that I wanted to do, but then I changed my mind and went with one of my genuine, fictional, heroes; Columbo. 

Not only is the good Lieutenant one of the greatest television characters of all time, he's one of my fondest childhood memories. The first time I saw Columbo I was in, maybe, 6th grade. I was home sick from school and happened to catch an episode that was being re-run on A&E. From there I was hooked and I have seen every episode and made-for-TV movie more than once, if not more than a dozen times. I can't help it. 

Peter Falk's insurmountable portrayal of the character made him a hero to me and one of my favorite characters in any medium, and any genre. 

So when I was thinking about who or what to choose for my sketch challenge subject, the thought of an artistic ode to my hero and his rumpled rain coat, his cheap green cigars, his battered Pugeot, his quirky behavior, and absolute genius made me smile. 

It's certainly a non-traditional choice for this sort of thing and I hope the other guys have as much fun with it as I did. I can't wait to see the results!

About the piece: I did a rough pencil sketch, then used an ink brush for the line work and then colored it with water colors. I used the water colors for two reasons: 1.) I thought it would help cover up my shortcomings as an artist with it's looser nature and 2.) Using water color on the type of paper that I did created a ripply feel that I thought nicely complemented Columbo's rumpled rain coat, and frumpy demeanor.

Thanks for coming to look at it! 

your pal,

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