Summit City Ink Sketch Challenge

This week's sketch challenge is the Elephantmen!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Young Yeshua and Miriam

Pretty quick sketch this busy, busy week. Drew this is a soft cover, thin Moleskine notebook that I only use Brush Pen with. Straight drawing, no pencils. Usually the drawings are done whilst waiting for food or watching soccer practice or talking with people. This was drawn while watching my daughter roll around the Roller Dome for the first time with friends and no help.

When it came to the subject I like to consider the man, and in this case the boy before he became the man. We need to know more the childhoods of people sometimes. What kind of trouble did he get into running around between the huts with young Miriam, to be called Mary? Is that a hammer or sling?


  1. I like this Jeremy. I like the fun element in the sketch and telling the story.

  2. Have you ever read Lamb: the gospel according to Biff, Christ's childhood pal by Christopher Moore? Your image reminds me of the first part of that book.